The Sterilization Gate

The sterilization gate (PROTECT) is used to sterilize people, as the person who passes through it gets sterilized with steam containing antiseptic. With high-pressure protection that eliminates 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, and germs.

we are proud to introduce

the sterilization gate

Project Steps

Step #1

Hand Sterilization, followed by wearing gloves and a mask

The guest enters the gate, sterilizes his hands, and wears medical gloves and mask. Then moves to the next stage.

Step #2


In this stage, an advanced sensor measures the temperature accurately. If it is in the normal range, the screen will turn green, and the guest moves to the next stage.

On the other hand, if the temperature was high, an alarm sound will be played, and the screen turns red.

Step #3

360° sterilization steam

finally, the guest moves forward to a sterilization steam room, where he rotates 360° to be covered from all angles.

"PROTECT" Advantages

The entire process takes 15 seconds only.
Healthy and environment friendly
No loud noises or sounds when running the operation
360-degree sterilization for the entire body.
Safe to use even with people who have a skin sensitivity.
does not make clothes wet. No need to drain after use.
The ability to add face recognition to record the attendance of employees.

"PROTECT" Features

Temperature Measurement High Efficiency

Over-temperature Sound and Light Alarm

Fast Nebulization Disinfection

All-directional Disinfection

Hand Sterilizing

Screen Visual Display

Modular and Branded

It can be used in different building types including:


Government Offices


Shopping Malls

Industrial Areas

Residential Areas

Sport Clubs


Public Transportation

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The Secret of Our Success

Credibility is the foundation of success and the value that we adhere to, and refuse to deviate from. Hence, Al Assri IND have become one of the best choices for customers in the United Arab Emirates, and their distinctive destination in the field of sterilization.