We serve the highest quality refrigerated cars and trailers to transport all goods which need to be cooled or frozen.

Reefer Trailers

We at Al Assri offer refeer trailers as in trucks and Insulated Vans manufactured with the highest specifications to transport all types of goods that need transport,whether refrigerated or frozen goods for long distances and many days. There is no fear on the goods in all our boxes and rooms for trailers, to ensure the safety of the goods and the ease of loading and unloading.

Reefer Trucks

Our reefer boxes and trucks made of the finest products and it`s made of the sandwich banel which we proudly manufacture it locally with high standards and quality. All our reefer trucks with international and GCC standards.

Dry Trucks

All Of us know that transport companies want to make it`s cargo bigger, with Al Assry Dry Trucks we make it possible by making the boxes of sandwish panels, which make the box lighter and same strong as steel boxes, all that made Al Assri Dry Boxes and trucks most popular boxes and prefered for transportations companies.
Al Assri helps you make bigger load and reduce the consumption of petrol.

Insulated Van

Al Assri offer the insulated vans with the higest qualities and standards, for freezing and chiller items, we put in minde the goods which will be transported by these type of vans, so with Al Assri insulated Vans we gurantee the quality of your goods even if the van at park time.