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No need for agricultural soil.

AL Assri construct and manufacture new type of Hydroponic rooms which is constant temperature controled system and also known as hydroponics barley fodder growing room/ Hydroponics Nursery Seeding Sprouting System/ No soil Hydroponics Barley Seed Sprouting Machine in Agriculture for animal fresh fodder system/ Hydroponic seed sprouting fodder machine refers to the fodder grown in a controlled environment using water but no soil is involved. Our rooms are fully automated temperature control and automatic watering system. People only need to put the seed into the plastic tray which we provide with our system and its made of pure plastic, it can automatic produce sprouts. 1 kg wheat seed can produce up to 10 kg final products of sprouts. Al Assri Hydroponics Rooms are smart farming technologies,this mode of farming is now widely practiced in UAE and we are proudly Leaders of this field.