Food Trucks

Our specialists make the best unique food trucks that will push your business forward.

At Al Assri we are proud to manufature a customized Food Truck or Mobile Restaurant which is a medium or large vehicle equipped with on-board kitchens and cook space. Mainly to sell food. Like: ice cream trucks, frozen or prepackaged food, Sandwiches, hamburgers, French Fries. In recent years, associated with the Food Truck “pop-up restaurant” phenomenon, food trucks offering gourmet cuisine and a variety of specialties menus, have become particularly popular.AL Assri Ind we can build and customize with high quality and standards Food Trucks, along with portable food booths and food carts… to suit your needs.

Electrical Food Truck " Happy Truck"

At Al Assri we are proudMultifunctional fast food truck it’s street legal electric car.Now you can go where you’ve never imagined. you can cater in the smallest places,schools,college campuses, office complexes, city streets, sidewalks, golf courses,private streets and malls. anywhere! Take your Shope With You.Start your food trucks business today and sell a variety of items: Ice Cream,Hot  Dogs, Hamburgers, Coffee, Barbeque, Pizza, Sandwiches ect.
It is economic that can save a lot of money for renting a stable place .And also the place is unlimited ,so you can change your selling place every time depends on your needs according to your sales. Kitchen utensils and appliances function can add according to customer demand, with extra charges.

Food Trailers

For bigger needs Al Assri manufature a customized Food Trailers starting from 2 m size to 12 m your trailer will be more than your expectations. Clean, Safe and long life high quality materials.

Food Truck & Van Truck

Food Truck & Vehicle or  Food Van all of them Al Assri customize them to be your Food Truck & Vehicle or Mobile Restaurant which equipped with necessaries to suit your needs.

Special Items

Yes! we can do more