Eng. Mohammed Omar was an unparalleled genius in the field of manufacturing with an inborn farsighted vision.From the early days of his career from small humble beginnings to become a global taking point for his far daring vision, and ability to deliver.


Eng. Mohammed Omar perceived the immense potential for growth in the world and decided to process step by step his company growth providing customers with modern high quality products.From transportation unites and accessories to cold room and reefer container to Poultry Transport and Incubators Hatch, and Trailers…etc.


That all led to one of the great success in his field which was Hydroponics Rooms. This stage led Eng. Mohammed to the expansion of Al Assri to the neighbor countries. At United Arab Emirates Eng. Mohammed with his ambitions and his motivated sons continue successful story with his son Omar who leads the company in Sharjah – UAE. They decided to diversify the manufacturing products. using new technologies with high standards and quality, Al Assri manufacturing all kinds of sandwich panels and Food Cart. Hydroponics Rooms with different sizes and productivities.